Proudly part of the PTG Food group of companies.

Proudly part of the PTG Food group of companies.

Wholesale foods made with soul

Purpose Foods sources, prepares and delivers the highest quality wholesale foods and service foods for distributors, food producers, and the restaurant and catering industry. From our three facilities in New Zealand and Australia, we supply custom manufactured and finished food products to people across the world.

Artisan Food has world-class manufacturing capabilities and a European inspired product portfolio for end to end contract food products.

Greenmount Foods produces zero waste, flavour rich food products designed by chefs for chefs, and the food manufacturing industry.

From the fruit and vegetable bowl of New Zealand, Wild Nation unleashes the incredible flavour of vegetables in products for vegans, vegetarians and people of all diets.

BRANDS that have the purpose foods soul…

Custom food products made for your purposes

Purpose Foods combines the talent of our chefs and food scientists with bespoke bulk manufacturing facilities. Using premium natural raw materials in our products, we have the capabilities to manufacture almost any food product to any scale.

The best natural ingredients
Sourced locally from premium food producers and growers, we harvest ingredients at their peak for superior flavour and presentation. Then we process, cook or freeze them to lock in the flavour, ensuring consistency and quality every time.

Your recipe or ours
Between one of our three factories, we can take your recipe and produce it to any scale, or we can design a product for you from scratch. Packaging options include pouches, containerised food and wet products such as stocks.

Added value in every bite
Our products save you time and labour in preparation, have zero waste, and enhance your reputation for food safety and quality with every bite.

Brands your customers will love

We design every food product with premium natural ingredients, so your customers will enjoy eating them again and again. 

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